Employee Benefit Plan Limits for 2019


Many employee benefits are subject to annual dollar limits that are periodically updated for inflation by the IRS. The following commonly offered employee benefits are subject to inflation-adjusted dollar limits:

  • High deductible health plans (HDHPs) and health savings accounts (HSAs);
  •  Health flexible spending accounts (FSAs);
  • 401(k) plans; and
  •  Transportation fringe benefit plans.


The IRS typically announces the dollar limits that will apply for the next calendar year well in advance of the beginning of that year but in case you missed them here they are. Although some of the limits will remain the same, many of the limits have increased 2019.

Links and Resources

Revenue Procedure 2018-30, 2019 limits for HSAs and HDHPs

IRS Notice 2018-83, 2019 limits for retirement plans

Revenue Procedure 2018-57, 2019 limits for health FSAs and transportation fringe benefits