Thank A Teacher Today!


Educating the next generation of doctors, lawyers, astronauts and world leaders are our teachers.  What they do is challenging and comes with the huge responsibility of providing children, young people and adults with the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their potential.


On World Teacher’s Day, we’d like you to join us in honoring and celebrating educators world-wide who mentor, who inspire, who lead by example, and who do it all with a smile.  Please thank a teacher today!


Do you have a teacher that has touched your life and left an imprint? We do. Each and every one of us here at HSA. We are fortunate to work with many amazing schools and work with many wonderful teachers. Today we wanted to say thank you for the patience, love, support, kindness, knowledge and hard work that all of these wonderful teachers provide to our growing youth. We are very aware that teachers today are not treated with the respect and esteem that they should be.


Thank you Teachers!