Insurance That Works With You

Health Savings Associates is a dynamic San Diego insurance brokerage firm that specializes in tailored plans for business and individual benefits. We help you in navigating the confusing landscape of healthcare, delivering high-quality insurance and risk management services and solutions.

We recognize that selecting an employee benefits package can be one of the largest investment decisions you make for your business. We can help guide you through the process, provide policy and industry insights, and help you select and manage an employee benefits package that is right for your people and your business.   

Business Benefits

We’re experts in our business so you can be an expert in yours. As your trusted employee benefits partner, our purpose is to provide you with creative and cost effective solutions that provide real value to your business and your employees.

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Individual and Family

Our agency is devoted to exceptional client service. We understand that life happens. We can help with coverage protection including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term

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